“Super Signs” welcome passengers and visitors to Munich Airport

Services: consulting, development, prototyping, production, installation

Country: Germany

Location: München

Joseph Westiform produced so-called "Super Signs" for Munich Airport’s new brand image: With a height of 9 meters, the two "M"s and three "Connectors" are impressive and visible from afar and represent the new Munich Airport image.

The Super Signs consist of a steel skeleton covered with stretch cloth and white painted sheet metal on the sides. Powerful LED modules ensure that the illuminated elements in white have a minimum number of LEDs thereby creating a homogeneous and pleasant lighting effect. The illumination of the "connectors" and crossbar of the "M"s, which are animated and synchronised in corporate colours was by far the greatest technical challenge. Red, green and blue LEDs accurately create the corporate colours of blue, purple, orange and green dynamically, with smooth transitions between each colour.

The light intensity of the LEDs automatically adjusts to the ambient light by using sensors, resulting in a vibrant and pleasant lighting effect at any time of the day or night.

Are Super Signs your next big thing? We can help! We look forward to hearing from you!

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